A downloadable short game for Windows

Flappy Bird 2.0

It is the semester game jam.

1 hour remains until your deadline.

Nothing in your game works. Everything is broken.

And you haven't slept in days.

Despite the caffine searing through your veins, you find yourself unwillingly drifting into a deep sleep. In the lucid-nightmare which engulfs you, you must fix the bugs you have created and come face-to-face with the embodiment of your fear and self-doubt as a coder.

Flappy Bird 2.0 is a short, atmospheric puzzle-game, originally created for TUM's Summer Semester Game Jam, to the theme nightmare. Its narrative is inspired by that silly feeling of hopelessness and self-doubt, which can come about after days of sleeplessness spent battling seemingly invincible bugs within in your code.


Sebastian Parfitt { 

Concept, game design, gameplay programming and audio


Feli Hank {

Shader programming, game design and gameplay programming


Kjell Schwäricke {

Shader programming, game design and gameplay programming


Biller Dominik {

Game design and gameplay programming



flappybird2-windows.zip 70 MB
Version 1 Jun 24, 2018


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No clue what to do, but the graphics are damn good =)

Haha thank you! Did you manage to figure out how to complete it or did you get stuck? :(

Got stuck at the end of the stairs :D

Ah noo! So if you got to the end of all 35 stair, you got to the globe, right?

When up is down and inside is out

First then shall you face your inner doubt

; )